bang chang pattaya
Caroline Worthington on 0924890933Caroline Worthington on 0924890933
  • Hundreds of dogs and puppies are starving in Ban Chang. Please support this cause and spread the word as we feed and care for as many we can.
  •  Contact Caroline Worthington on 0924890933 for more information or assistance
  • The money pot is empty and has been for many months. We do not like to ask for donations but after 5 months paying out of our own pockets it is becoming too much sadly. There has been much good work as you have all seen but now we need a helping hand please. Any charity events, sponsors, donations of food, medication or money will be appreciated and we can meet with you if that is easier. The PayPal account is This year alone we have supported Sam the old dog with blood parasite at the animal hospital for 14000 baht; Jessie and Billy also at the hospital but both died, this was 9000 baht. Our champion Tyson had successful chemo over 2 months and Samson demodectic mange treatment for months. You have also seen over the last year we have fed over 70 dogs every day, this is 40 kg of food a week – 600 baht/£12 plus medication for just about every dog as 95% have mange. We have re-homed 46 dogs in the last 10 months, which is fantastic and gives them a much kinder life. If every follower of which there are 7000 gave just 10 baht = 70,000 baht (20 pence) we would survive for a very long time. Our aim now is to sterilize as many as we can, this is hard as they do not like to be handled so getting them to a vet is impossible. It can take a good year to even get to pat the soi dog on the head, they take a long time to trust. We plan to use the birth control pill which again will be a large but vital expense. Thank you for any small token of support and here are some milestone photos as a reminder of the last year.