Wat Sanghathan.

When I came to retire in Thailand 12 years ago I lived in Nontaburi for a year. 

Nontaburi is a nice area just a boat ride from Bangkok centre (if you don’t fancy the crazy road traffic).

We lived in a house my wife owned very near to a beautiful park called Chalermphrakiat that had great displays of lotus ponds and other gardens. It is a superb place to relax and maybe have a picnic or even go to meditate in the beautiful temple. I would go and sit in the park by the river and watch the boats sailing up and down and also feed the many thousand fish that are protected there -I found it to be so relaxing.

As a Buddhist I was interested in the temples and always looking for more advice to improve my meditation. My wife took me to a new temple -“Wat Sanghathan” just near the Rama Five bridge. The temple is extremely beautiful with different styles of buildings. One such building was still in construction -it was all teakwood and very elaborate. This stood overlooking a pretty pond with its usual fish you can feed. 

Another part of the temple is a blue  glass Vihan which is also very beautiful. 

The temple is one of a few meditation schools and it specialises in Vipasana meditation which is “insight meditation” mainly done through “walking meditation” the kind where every aspect of the slow walking is observed by the meditator -this is a form that fills the mind to the exclusion of distracting thoughts (or should in theory). 

There is some instruction in English and  some limited accomodation for those taking a course. It is surrounded by sparse forest that provides great outdoor peace and quiet to practise, meditate and listen to instruction. 

There is far too much to see for me to list it all and a visit is a must to experience this wonderful temple that provides peace and  quiet and is so close to the hustle and bustle of the crazy highways. Whether you are interested in Buddhism and meditation or just a sightseer Wat Sanghathan is one temple you should not miss. 

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