We understand Your Spot! Settling in to a new place may takes time, so it is our job to help save your valuable time and succeed in searching right property that most fits your requirements, whether you want to rent a simple house or a lavish villa for short or long term, or become a serious buyer for investment or retirement purpose. We provide legal advices and marketing the property on your behalf in various marketing channels. There’s nothing goes out from your pocket, unless your houses or apartments been Sold or Lease. We also provide other relevant accommodate services include Maid & Gardener, Landscape & Garden design, Interior design & Renovation, and Made-to-order Furniture. 我们理解您的需求。融入到一个新环境需要时间,但有我们团队的专业建议,无论您是想要短期或长期租一个简单的房子,还是豪华别墅,抑或是最终因投资或退休养老目的成为房产购买者,我们都可以帮您节省很多时间并顺利找到所需房产。像其他房产中介一样,我们提供合法建议,代表您购置房产。除非交易结束,双方都满意,否则您不需要掏一分钱。另外,我们还提供其他相关的适应您可能需要 包括女佣和园丁、景观园林设计、室内装修与设计和订做家具。