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Where the Faithful Worship Among the Tourists

JUST before midnight, the monks were still arriving. Dressed in long, flowing white robes, they resembled fireflies as they rode through the darkness on their motorbikes, descending on the towering temple at the heart of the Cao Dai holy land in southern Vietnam. Many were attending their fourth service of the day. Removing his sandals […]

Cheaper healthcare outside US.

Why is Healthcare So Much Cheaper Outside the U.S.? A recent survey reported that a single day in a hospital in the U.S. costs, on average, $1,514 (up to as much as $12,537), while in France it costs $853. An appendectomy in the U.S.—including physician and hospital bills—costs $8,156 on average (up to as much […]

Thailand diseases and dangers.

There are diseases and other health issues to watch out for if you are visiting or living in Thailand. Yes Thailand has malaria in some places but personally I have never had preventative injections before visiting and touch wood have not had any serious disease in the 26 years of visiting Thailand. I have family […]

Mae Kuan Im Goddess of mercy

Kwan Yin (Mae Kuan Im) The Goddess of Mercy In the past ten years, the Kwan Yin or (Mae/Mother) Kuan Im cult has become more popular among Thai people. There are now many more Kuan Yin images both inside and outside Theravada temples in Thailand. Many temples also have a “Welcome” sign related to the […]

The history and evolution of Traditional Thai massage.

“Thai massage” or “Thai yoga massage” is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. In the Thai language it is usually called nuat phaen thai (Thai: นวดแผนไทย; lit. “Thai-style massage”) or nuat phaen boran (Thai: นวดแผนugfgoโบราณ, IPA: [nûət pʰɛ̌ːn boːraːn]; lit. “ancient-style massage”), though its formal name is nuat thai […]

Box jellyfish in Thai waters.

The magnitude of severe box jellyfish cases on Koh Samui and Koh Pha-ngan in the Gulf of Thailand Lakkana ThaikrueaEmail author and Potjaman Siriariyaporn BMC Research Notes20169:108 DOI: 10.1186/s13104-016-1931-8 ©  Thaikruea and Siriariyaporn. 2016 Received: 2 December 2015 Accepted: 10 February 2016 Published: 17 February 2016 Background Despite recent deaths caused by box jellyfish envenomation occurring on the islands of Samui and Pha-ngan in […]

How Buddhism came to Thailand by Karuna Kusalasaya

Buddhism in Thailand Its Past and Its Present by Karuna Kusalasaya © 2006 Alternate format: People all over the world who are interested in Buddhism and keep in touch with its news and activities must have heard of the Buddha Jayanti celebrations held a few years ago in all Buddhist countries, including India and Japan. […]

Chilies the original traveler.

Sign InSubscribe   TIME’s Summer Journey   Chili Peppers: Global Warming By SIMON ROBINSON/TEZPUR, INDIAThursday, June 14, 2007 In 1492, when Christopher Columbus set off from Spain to find a westward route to Asia, he was looking to secure Europe’s kitchen, not change it. Europeans had used black pepper as a medicinal aid and to […]

Legends of Somdet Toh by Thanissaro Bhikkhu [dana/©] 2006-2014

Legends of Somdet Toh by Thanissaro Bhikkhu 2006-2014   – Namo tassa bhagavato arahato sammā-sambuddhassa – Somdet Toh — his formal title was Somdet Budhacariya (Toh Brahmaransi) — was probably the most famous and widely loved monk in nineteenth century Thailand. A skilled meditator closely associated with the royal family, he was famous for many […]

Thai Buddhist marriage and wedding customs.

Thai Buddhist marriage and wedding customs An look at customs and traditions of a Thai Buddhist marriage Thai Buddhist marriage ceremonies are generally divided into two parts: a Buddhist component, which includes the recitation of prayers and the offering of food and other gifts to monks and images of the Buddha, and a non-Buddhist component […]