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Latest blog posts

Nam Prik

You could never accuse Thais of being sophisticated when it comes to wine. For a start the wine selection in Thailand is pretty poor and expensive. The local wines are also not world class yet are very expensive. So Thais don’t really have close connections with the “finesse of the grape”.  They do however have […]

Wat Sanghathan.

When I came to retire in Thailand 12 years ago I lived in Nontaburi for a year.  Nontaburi is a nice area just a boat ride from Bangkok centre (if you don’t fancy the crazy road traffic). We lived in a house my wife owned very near to a beautiful park called Chalermphrakiat that had […]

Friends 4Thailand

Luang Por Wat Pak Nam

Luang Por Sodh Wat Pak Nam It is not uncommon for a great spiritual personality to be born in poverty in remote villages out in the country and to emerge from it gradually into the wider scope of the world at large. In any case, whether such circumstances and nearness to nature deflects such minds […]

My very first Thai mate.

 This is about a wonderful man and friend who passed away last year..How I made my first Thai mate. It was early days for me in Thailand -I had met my future wife and done the traditional things like taken her friends out for a meal and also taken her mother and two young daughters […]